Thursday, February 4, 2010

Been A While

First of all I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It wasn't the best Holiday season for me. I've been kind of bummed since I graduated.... being back home, trying to work out the 'work' situation and of course having braces again :) The braces aren't so bad except they still make me feel super self conscience when it comes to boys. I just feel like relationships aren't going to happen while I'm going through this process. It's unfortunate because I'm so ready to start dating again but yeahhh it is what it is. I'm also really starting to freak out about recovery time. I know it differs person to person but I ran in to someone today and their sister had gone through jaw surgery and she told me it took her 10 years until everything felt okay again. 10 years!!! WTF, like seriously? Maybe she had a more serious surgery than what I'm having but it really freaked me out. I start a new job in 2 weeks. I told them about my surgery and that I would need to take some time off but that it shouldn't be a problem. Honestly I totally sugar-coated it though because I have NO IDEA how much time I will need to take off. For those of you out there going through a similar surgery (upper and lower to correct over bite/open bite) do you know much time you will need before you can go outside and be a more or less normal person? My surgery is suppose to happen sometime in September....but I feel kind of lost. I haven't seen my actual orthodontist since I went in to meet with him at the beginning and get my original scans. Every time I go in for a tune up they have some other guy working on me. He's really nice and in part I don't mind but, and I know he's just following my ortho's plan for me but, I dunno, I'd like to see him every once in a while ya know? I finally asked last time I was in if I should be talking to my surgeon, "do I need to go in for a check up?" They told me no. They said we were on schedule and that there was no need to talk to my surgeon until we were closer to the actual surgery date- also he said that they would take care of everything. I'm like okayyy, that's nice but I'd really love to be included. How is everyone else feeling about their status? Anyone else experiencing a lack of communication like myself? I hope everything is going well for everyone and if anyone has any advice please throw it my way!