Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting better day by day

Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was the first day that I was able to eat enough calories wohoo! I also discovered some foods that I really love! Cream of wheat is sooo good! How have I never had this stuff before? And they have all different flavors. Awesome. Also, if you're looking for some stuff to mix up your diet, check out this website; There are some really yummy recipes on it. I had the lentil soup and the chicken soup yesterday, both of which were fantastic.

I also got a lot of walking in yesterday! I went on 3 walks with my pup Penny Lane. She sure loved it and so did my face, because my swelling has REALLY gone down. wohoo! I also hit up the mall with my mom yesterday and bought some shoes. It was so nice to get out of the house. Thanks Makay for encouraging me to be active! It was the first day that I've felt quasi normal.

My face is still pretty stiff and I would try working it out more but something is going on in my mouth that is causing some pretty intense pain. It's either a stitch rubbing up against a wire or just my gum getting stuck on the wire. I tried to investigate the problem but the swelling made it kind of hard. Its made brushing difficult, *sigh. I'm trying to hold out on it though because I go in to see my surgeon and ortho on Monday and I'm hoping they can fix this up for me.

On a more positive note, my congestion is down! wohooo! I have been taking singular, flonase, afrin and sudafed. Excessive maybe? Well, it's doing the trick. I haven't had any days like the ones in my previous post. Such a relief.

My lips are still parted, but after reading up on some of the other blogs I'm thinking this is pretty common. As soon as my swelling goes down I think they'll start coming together.

Ok, now PICTURES!!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Troubles

So the past few posts I've focused on swelling going down, but unfortunately it's at a standstill, despite my best efforts. Also, I can't close my mouth. My surgeon says when the swelling goes down, I'll be able to close it fine, but I'm skeptical because I don't see anyone else on the blogs with this problem.

I've been having lots of trouble eating. Partly because of my congestion. As a result I've also had trouble keeping food down. I basically spent the whole day throwing My mom called my surgeon's office but they said this is common and not to worry, but I am worried! If I keep throwing up everything I eat I'm never going to heal! I've been averaging maybeee 1000 calories a day but probably more like 700. As a result my stomach has been super upset. I've basically had an upset stomach for a week now....I would also like that to go away.

I don't go in to see my surgeon/ortho until Monday so I am trying to hold off until then. Needless to say the past few days haven't been that pleasant.

I've been trying to walk, but due to lack of calories I'm so tired! I take a nap every day, yet still having trouble sleeping through the night!....even with the Ambien.

Sorry to make this such a depressing post! Any words of wisdom, encouragement...... I'll take whatever I can get!

Thanks peeps


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swelling is going down WOHOOO!

So aside from my annoying stomach issues and congestion issues, the swelling is going down! Also, my nerves must be starting to wake up because OW am I feeling it. I feel like I need meds every 3 hours now. Ouch, ouch. See da pictures!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

One more day, the goods and the bads

Before(with tape) After (without tape) See the difference?!

Today was a rough day. I woke up feeling overly tired, and having a pretty terrible stomach ach. The narcotics have really started to get to me so I am going to stop taking them for a while! I am hoping I can just deal with the Mortin. I have also felt really anxious, and emotional today, and I'm loosing a lot of hair! I always shed a little but this seems excessive....anyone else have this problem? Don't worry, I'm not bald yet! I got lots of hair :) I'm hoping tomorrow is better because I'm suppose to have visitors! The only upside of today is the decreased swelling. Hope it keeps coming down.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pictures Pictures!

Well here we are, day 4! The swelling is still pretty bad but look I'm able to smile a bit! I've been working out my lips a lot today. Hope the doc is proud! My chin is completely numb, like I can't feel it at all. Hopefully this changes! Until tomorrow.



Working out the face

Well I got a really good nights sleep. I had to wake up at 11 and then again at 6 to take meds but the ambien helped keep me out for the night. I feel much more refreshed today than I did yesterday. I have set myself up in my parent's room. They have the best bed and it faces the TV, so it's perfect.

The doc said I need to work on moving my lips around so I've been twitching them every which way. It's pretty funny. I can almost make a kiss face with my lips! The left side of my face seems to be a bit more swollen than the right, not super noticeable, only to me because I can't stop looking in the mirror!

My bite feels weird! I'm not too nervous about it though, they said it would feel weird, but how do I know it's feeling the way it's suppose to? Also, I know there will be some orthodontic work after I get the splint out and everything so I shouldn't expect perfection right now but it's just strange. I go in to see the doc on Mon or Tues.....looking forward to what he has to say. Hopefully that everything is progressing smoothly!

Pictures to come later today! I get to take the tape off in like a hour! wohoo


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swelling :(

I feel and look sooo big! I have been wearing my ice pack like constantly. Is there anything else I can be doing to help with the swelling? I have my Afrin nose spray, which I am taking twice a day. Man it tastes bad.
I switched to a new med which is good, but it doesn't last as long so I am going to start taking motrin in-between doses, which should help with the swelling as well right?
eek! I'm huge!


How in the world do you do this?! I just tried and it was the sorriest attempt ever. I have the baby tooth brush, the whole brush away from the gum thing, but my mouth is so swollen I can't even see what I'm doing! How do you rinse? Do you need to use a syringe? Waterpick to rinse? Help!

Before and After

Looks good Doc. Can't wait to see what it's like with no swelling. :)!

The Jaw Bra is OFF!

I can't wait to see what my profile looks like after the swelling goes down!!!! I just took my first shower and it was amazing. I am about to get discharged and go home! I just had a berry smoothie so my jaw is a little sore. They are going to give me tyelnol codeine. Hopefully this drug wont make me itch! I don't go in to see my surgeon until Mon. or Tues. This is when he will clean out my mouth and hopefully some of the swelling will be down so it won't be too painful. He is prescribing me Ambien to help me sleep. Wohoo! I have not had the best nights sleep and it's making me cranky! And cranky and swollen is not a fun combination. Hope everyone is doing well. There are more pictures to come!!

Day 3 Post Op

Well here we are. Day three already. Crazy how fast time goes by. It's 6:30am and I am up and waiting on my last set of meds before my surgeon comes in to give me the final okay for going home. I feel pretty good. Swollen obviously, but the only complaint I really have is that the new pain med they have me on makes me super itchy! I've had to take Benadryl with it both times and I still feel itchy. We'll see what the doc says, maybe they can find an alternative med for me? I think the jaw braw might come off today, which is exciting. I know I'm super swollen, but it will still be really exciting to see the outline of my jaw without my tropical flare getting in the way. I've also had some trouble with headaches but it's probably just from lack of sleep, the meds they have me on, and of course the surgery. It's also been slightly frustrating that no one can understand what I say.
I worked out my jaw a lot yesterday, doing my best to talk as much as I could, but now it has left my jaw super sore. All I want to do is mumble hah. I do have my white board, which has been my saving grace!
Matt, the boy, came over last night and we watched "When Harry Met Sally." He actually dug it! It's one of my favorite movies, so even in my drugged out stupor I enjoyed it. Kind of hard to see the TV at the moment though because I wear glasses, and with the swelling they won't fit my head. How sad!

Numbness update!
My forehead has feeling back, which is cool. The bridge of my nose, and my left nostril also have feeling back....right nostril is still numb though. Both cheeks, still numb. Right under my nose has some feeling back. The right side of my upper lip has feeling back, but the rest of my lip are still feeling pretty numb. Guess what though? I'm not drooling! Unless I bend over, then I'm a little drippy. I haven't been able to close my mouth due to the swelling. I'll have to ask my surgeon about that this morning. Part is due to my chin swelling I think, because I did have a genioplasty as well.

Well that's all for now. Let's do this day 3!



Friday, July 23, 2010

Swelling has gone up

Yuck! I hate it. The doc says that it may keep increasing until tomorrow morning....greattt It's making my face feel pretty tender, no fun. Now i feel like a pumpkin! It's also starting to make my jaw bra feel pretty tight :(

Slowly but Surely

Here we go day two! I no longer need the mask. The doc says my lungs sound clear, which is great news.

They are about to switch me from Morphine to Vicodin. Makes me a little nervous....Vicodin has made my stomach upset in the past and it's such a chore to eat. I have been able to drink a little chicken broth, juice, water, and even a little jello! Not a lot, but enough for it to make me feel good.

I got up and walked around the halls which was awesome. I'm going to give it another go after I nap a bit.

I just was able to wash up which felt so good. I had my sheets changed as well. I feel like a new person! I can't wait to get my jaw bra off. I feel so constricted. It's not that bad, just uncomfortable.

Everyone has been sending me a lot of love. Thank you thank you! Makes all this bearable. Seriously. Matt is coming by this afternoon. Looking forward to that. We were texting last night till like 2 am, finally I'm a night owl too!

I will be at the hospital until tomorrow, but doc says we are going to play it by ear. He doesn't want to release me until I am ready, so there is chance I could stay longer. I'm so happy to be at the Austin Surgical Hospital. This place is really nice and doesn't feel like a hospital at all. My room has a balcony!....not that I've been out on it or anything, but still... :)

Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about what it was like coming out of anesthesia. It felt realllly weird. I had blurred vision for about an hr and half. I was also super talkative, but I couldn't talk so I was writing like a mad woman in this journal they gave me, cracking jokes and everything. I don't really remember everything that was said that well but I was in the recovery room for at least a couple hrs.

I don't even remember going into the operating room. After they gave me my "cocktail" I was pretty much out of it. I think the last thing I remember was leaving the pre-op room and then I was fluttering my eyes and waking up!

Until next time. Questions anyone? I'm trying to cover all my bases but I might have left something out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I made it through!

I look a lot scarier than I feel. I am wearing an ice back, my hawaiian jaw bra and a ventilator to help me breath. I haven't really been having any breathing problems. They have been giving me a breathing treatment every 4 hrs an that has really helped.

I have already been able to get up a couple time and walk to the restroom....I didn't want the catheter in, super uncomfortable!

My jaw has been slightly tender but I haven't really had any pain....I have been able to push my pain button every 10 min to get a little morphine. The only thing I'm really struggling with is swallowing. My throat is very sore from the surgery. Hopefully this goes away soon.

I only had one moment where I felt like I was getting nauseous and they took care of that right away for me.

My family took some more photos for me on their phones but I'll try to take some more of myself in the next few days! I caught a glimpse of how the surgery changed my nose and it looks really cute! It's hard to tell with the profile just yet, but once the jaw bra comes off I'll really start to see what it all looks like!


It's here

I'm about to leave for the hospital. Feeling strangely calm......

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What a year!

This is a picture from my Surprise 22nd Birthday Party out in CA. This was my last year of college; what a year! I remember I was at the library working on this play I was writing for a festival we had coming up. I kind of knew something was up but I had no idea how many people were in on it! My friends really made my night; a truly fantastical birthday. The reason I thought of this, is because by the time I turn 24, I'm now 23, I will be out of braces, have my dream jaw, and I'll be moving on to new and exciting things. Although I often think of CA and the friends I left I left behind I know that my memories will carry with me wherever I go and it's only going to get better! I have met an amazing number of people upon moving back to Austin and am so grateful for the people in my life, sticking by my side, and encouraging me through this process.

For whoever has given me well wishes, to my friends in CA, here in Austin, I thank you. Keep reading....



Surgery Tomorrow!!

I can't believe that this time tomorrow I will be in surgery, and hopefully almost done. How long does it take to wake up from the anesthesia? Hopefully not long, because I can't wait to start heeling and see the results! I'm not looking forward to the first few days, but whatcha going to do. They'll go by fast.

Yesterday way my dad's birthday so I went over to my parent's house for the birthday festivities, then I headed on over to game night. Last game night for a couple weeks! I got to see all my friends one last time before tomorrow and everyone has been wishing me well, which is really nice. It's so great to know that I have people thinking of me; it makes goings though all this less stressful.

This morning I had my surgical hooks put on and they aren't bad at all. I've read some blogs where people have a rough time with them, but I've actually had hooks on almost all my brackets for the past year, so adding a few more wasn't that bad.

It's so hard to think of everything I need before tomorrow. I still need to pack, and I think my mom and I are going to go shopping a little later.

I'm hydrating now so tomorrow isn't rough!!!

peace and love. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll be back in a few days with pictures!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thursday is the day

I can't wait for the surgery to correct my overbite and open bite. I hate my profile and I can't wait to have a chin! Only one more day of work and then Wednesday I get my surgical hooks put on. Tonight I'm going to the movies with the boy. Going to see Inception. Trying to live it up before Thursday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

uh oh

So I woke up the other morning not feeling so great and uh oh, I have a cold! I haven't told anyone yet because I'm hoping I can clear it out of my system this weekend. Lots of sleep, pushing the fluids and lots of Emergency (this stuff is the best!)

I hope I don't have to postpone my surgery! Think good thoughts everyone....


Thursday, July 15, 2010

One more week!

A week from now I will still be in surgery, hopefully almost done. I'm nervous, excited....It's so hard to describe every emotion that I am going through right now. I wish next Thursday was already here. It's so hard to focus on anything else. Sucky part is that I have a lot to do at work until the big day. I'm only taking the day before off, hopefully that's enough time to get everything ready. I also have the weekend though, so no need to stress!

I don't think I've told you bloggers out there but I've got this guy in my life. I'm happy with the relationship but it's only been 4 months. This is kind of a big thing for me to be going through so early on in our relationship. I want him to be there for me, but then I feel like it's wrong to ask too much of him. I don't even know if he's going to come see me at the Hospital or what? I don't want to push it. Oh well. This definitely isn't something I want to worry about going in.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting Nervous

I think being on the blogs is starting to hurt more than help. Since I'm so close I'm starting to get nervous which I was really hoping I could avoid. I might disappear until after my surgery.

I'm worried because I have year round allergies. I have drainage every morning and have to hack stuff up. Gross I know. Sorry! But yeah, I take allergy pills but they don't make much of a difference. I know that the surgery is going to make all of this like 100 times worse and I am worried about not being able to breath. I'm meeting with my surgeon again this week and I'm going to make sure he perscribes me a decongestant. I know I'm going to need it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

2 more weeks

Two more weeks. It's so crazy how fast this year has flown by.

Well, yesterday was a little frustrating. My surgeon had told me he wanted me to get a physical from the hospital because of my asthma, which I was fine by. They said they would set it up for me but the hospital called me the next day to talk financials so I asked them about it and they told me they didn't do physicals and that I should go to my general physician and have them fax my clearance over. I immediately set up an appt. with my doctor and have just been sitting tight thinking I had everything under control. I called my surgeons office yesterday to make sure they had gotten the fax and they were like "What about Doctor Smiley? Have you seen him?" Who the *bleep* is doctor Smiley?! Apparently they do do pre-op appts. at the Hospital and the person I talked to was just an idiot. I'm annoyed because they said they would handle it, and they didn't and then I'm the one who's being put out. I already got my blood work done by my other doctor, I'm not going to do it again. But they still want me to go see this guy; they are going to do an EKG and a Chest Xray. It's all good and all but man I really wish doctors offices could get it together. Has anyone else had a frustrating experience like this? I hate thinking they just forgot about me, and I hate even more how easy it was for them to drop the ball on this! I mean they are going to be cutting into me in 2 weeks time..... *Big Sigh*

Friday, July 2, 2010

Physical was hmmm?

My surgeon was going to do my physical but upon hearing about my asthma he wanted to send me to the hospital. Well, unfortunately the hospital doesn't do physicals so I ended up going to my family practice doctor. She's really nice but she didn't really seem to know what they wanted. She was like, "do I need to fill anything out..." I said no, because they didn't give me anything, they basically just said I needed her to clear me for surgery and that she would know what to do. Well she listened to my lungs, asked if my heart was okay, checked my throat, eyes, stomach etc., and sent me off to get some blood work, and that was basically it. I was surprised there wasn't more questions. What has this been like for other people? Did she cover all her bases? I'm young and I'm sure I'll be fine, but this is my first time undergoing anesthesia and I do have asthma. She just didn't seem concerned. Should she have done some xrays? scans?

Thanks people!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chances of Relapse?

Alright, so, strangely, the only scary part of all this for me is the chance of relapse. I should have asked my surgeon this. It seems like I have a new question for him everyday. I don't mind going through all this, it was my choice, and I'm not really nervous, I'm actually excited. What I don't want though is to go through all this and then have it not work. What are the odds? Does anyone know? Has this happened to you or someone you know? Also, I can't afford to go through it again, or my parents can't. They are paying out of pocket for this surgery because it is an exclusion on our insurance plan. They don't even consider these kind of matter how much you need it. This means my parents are paying 50 thousand dollars for all of this to go down. They rock. I don't want to go into my surgery with any fears though. I'm the kind of person that thinks a positive attitude and outlook will carry me a long way. I don't want any bad energy in the room the day of. I want to feel calm.
Relapse just seems like such a funny thing to me. I mean, how is this possible really? They are putting screws in my mouth to hold my new jaw in place, so how in the world could I revert back to my old bite? They said the bone would grow over where they are sliding it....but what if it doesn't? Is this when relapse happens? All I know is that I will not be straining my jaw in the slightest, even if I have to be mute! I don't want to take the chances.