Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swelling is going down WOHOOO!

So aside from my annoying stomach issues and congestion issues, the swelling is going down! Also, my nerves must be starting to wake up because OW am I feeling it. I feel like I need meds every 3 hours now. Ouch, ouch. See da pictures!!!


  1. Hi Sarah -

    Just amazing results! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Pretttttty! :D I am so happy for you!

    Girl make sure you are walking now- like try and get a mile it (go to the mall if its too hot) because it makes the swelling go down drastically! :)

    Keep going girl! :)

    love, makay

  3. Thanks Brent! It's so nice to be up and about again.
    Thanks Makay! Just got back from a walk with my dog and am going to hit up the mall later with my mom! I want to do everything I possible can! :) Glad things are going better with you!

  4. Looking great! Hang in there....

  5. Wow your swelling is going down so fast! Looking good :)