Saturday, July 24, 2010


How in the world do you do this?! I just tried and it was the sorriest attempt ever. I have the baby tooth brush, the whole brush away from the gum thing, but my mouth is so swollen I can't even see what I'm doing! How do you rinse? Do you need to use a syringe? Waterpick to rinse? Help!


  1. You are looking GREAT! What a difference already in your pictures! I hope you're feeling good, it sounds like you're doing well!
    To answer your question... it is really, really challenging, as you've already found. The first few days, I used a syringe a lot to rinse. For some reason, I was getting a lot of blood in my mouth, they weren't sure where it was coming from. The toothbrush was really only useful for rubbing that off my front teeth, I couldn't get it anywhere else. After a while, you can start using the waterpik on a really low setting and it's AMAZING. It's definitely the best thing for cleaning out the splint (although there's really no hope of keeping that thing clean, sorry!)
    Keep your spirits up! Looking good!

  2. Okay so wanna know how to do this??? Well I am a PRO! Like seriously. I felt like it was hopeless the first week or so, but it has continued to get easier.

    I will dedicate a post on brushing JUST for you... I will get it up soon. ;)

    love, makay

  3. you guys rock! Thank you! I just tried for the second time. I am using the water pick and that really seems to help. It's hard right now especially because I am having to move my lips aside just to brush. They are so useless right now!