Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Troubles

So the past few posts I've focused on swelling going down, but unfortunately it's at a standstill, despite my best efforts. Also, I can't close my mouth. My surgeon says when the swelling goes down, I'll be able to close it fine, but I'm skeptical because I don't see anyone else on the blogs with this problem.

I've been having lots of trouble eating. Partly because of my congestion. As a result I've also had trouble keeping food down. I basically spent the whole day throwing My mom called my surgeon's office but they said this is common and not to worry, but I am worried! If I keep throwing up everything I eat I'm never going to heal! I've been averaging maybeee 1000 calories a day but probably more like 700. As a result my stomach has been super upset. I've basically had an upset stomach for a week now....I would also like that to go away.

I don't go in to see my surgeon/ortho until Monday so I am trying to hold off until then. Needless to say the past few days haven't been that pleasant.

I've been trying to walk, but due to lack of calories I'm so tired! I take a nap every day, yet still having trouble sleeping through the night!....even with the Ambien.

Sorry to make this such a depressing post! Any words of wisdom, encouragement...... I'll take whatever I can get!

Thanks peeps



  1. Sorry to hear things are not going smoothly for ya. Been there on the upset tummy. Yuck. :(

    Try a heating pad on your face for the swelling. And for the upset stomach, try some drinkable yogurt. The live cultures in it will help settle your system. Both those worked for me.

    You look great and it'll be even better once that swelling goes away, and it really will go away soon. Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Sorry to hear your are not feeling well. Everything will be okay, do you think your stomach ache could be from the pain meds? There is a blog by June who had questions about her lips not coming together too...she is at:
    Her last post (9 weeks postop) basically says that it is getting better.
    Hang in there I will pray for your stomach to feel better NOW!
    Sending you some sunshine!

  3. Hi Sarah -

    Here are some more posts on same subject:

    This site is searchable so you can plug your question and may find more..

  4. Thank You so much Brent! That's really nice of you to find those for me. Checked them out and it has definitely reassured me! Now if only I could get my congestion under control....

  5. Sarah-

    I had that issue too... about my lips coming together- its better now. :) No worries.

    I am sorry to hear you are throwing up- maybe its the strong pain meds? Just a thought because that is the EXACT reason I didn't take them.

    Are you using the afrin and the Sudafed? if not that should help with the congestion.

    And did you see my "Eating" thing on my blog? Are you wired shut? Or what? I mean can you use a spoon? I really wanted to help you out with that post, but I didn't know if you could open your mouth... i mean can you take off your bands?

    I hope you feel better!

    Hugs, Makay

  6. I really had a problem with shutting my mouth. When the swelling went down, I still noticed it a little bit - but now that my braces are off, no problem. Don't be too worried. You're looking fantastic! Congrats.