Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Jaw Bra is OFF!

I can't wait to see what my profile looks like after the swelling goes down!!!! I just took my first shower and it was amazing. I am about to get discharged and go home! I just had a berry smoothie so my jaw is a little sore. They are going to give me tyelnol codeine. Hopefully this drug wont make me itch! I don't go in to see my surgeon until Mon. or Tues. This is when he will clean out my mouth and hopefully some of the swelling will be down so it won't be too painful. He is prescribing me Ambien to help me sleep. Wohoo! I have not had the best nights sleep and it's making me cranky! And cranky and swollen is not a fun combination. Hope everyone is doing well. There are more pictures to come!!


  1. Looking good. :)

    I had genioplasty too, but I didn't have that tape... I had a jaw bra for like 3 days... but never the tape... I don't know if I should have...

    anyways... looking good! :)

    oh, and I was sooooo very afraid to take Codeine- it makes me sick. So make sure you take it on liquid. I think that would help your stomach... but I don't know. ha. Sorry, I am trying to help but I am not doing a ver good job.


  2. Good to see that you are back to normal.

  3. yeah, he said I can take the tape off tomorrow afternoon. Right now we are tying to figure out my meds. So annoying. I'm in pain and I just want a pain med that works!!!