Friday, July 2, 2010

Physical was hmmm?

My surgeon was going to do my physical but upon hearing about my asthma he wanted to send me to the hospital. Well, unfortunately the hospital doesn't do physicals so I ended up going to my family practice doctor. She's really nice but she didn't really seem to know what they wanted. She was like, "do I need to fill anything out..." I said no, because they didn't give me anything, they basically just said I needed her to clear me for surgery and that she would know what to do. Well she listened to my lungs, asked if my heart was okay, checked my throat, eyes, stomach etc., and sent me off to get some blood work, and that was basically it. I was surprised there wasn't more questions. What has this been like for other people? Did she cover all her bases? I'm young and I'm sure I'll be fine, but this is my first time undergoing anesthesia and I do have asthma. She just didn't seem concerned. Should she have done some xrays? scans?

Thanks people!


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  1. Hey Sarah! I used to work in a doctor's office. She probably didn't need to do anything more- the pre-op is more to make sure there's no unadressed problems going on with you. But since they didn't give you any paperwork, I would call your surgeon to let them know that you had the physical done. Normally they fill out a sheet (some surgeons give you one, but the doctors I worked for had one that they preferred to use.) Probably all the hospital will need is your doctor's signature clearing you for surgery. Let your surgeon know, because they can contact the doctor's office and get the clearance. But they will definitely need it before the day of- I can't tell you how many times, in my 8 months there, a surgeon called the day of surgery needing a signature, and if the doctor wasn't in, it turned into a huge mess! Things could be different where you are... I don't know if they'll need the signature or not, but I would imagine they do. Good luck :)