Friday, September 18, 2009

Things are changing

Well, I've started applying for jobs. I've decided I would really love to work for an organization that promotes the well being and health of women! I applied at Austin Woman Magazine but I'm still waiting to hear. Cross your fingers for me! 
Well being back in my parent's house is weird. They moved here when I was a soph in high school so it's hard to feel really attached to it. I couldn't bring myself to sleep in my old room though. It holds all these memories of when I was younger. It's weird. I know I was that girl, and that girl is my past, making up who I am now, but in a way I don't know her at all. So I have moved into my sister's old room. It needs some serious re-decorating but, I'm up for the challenge. I started going through all my old stuff tonight. Of course this required Champagne. So in my Champagne stupor I kept coming across old love letters, pictures, and old gifts. How can one person collect this much stuff??? I'm only 22! I can never bring myself to give anything away though. I've been thinking of taking some of my old things and turning them into some kind of art project. I guess it would be a way of taking my past into my present. I dunno. I just don't want all this stuff to end up in the attic. 
Listening to Richie Havens right now and wishing I had been at Woodstock. I'll probably dream about that tonight. 
Anyway, braces are still on and I'm starting to get used to them. Here I am starting over back home, getting to know my city again, making new friends.....this would be so much easier without braces. But I wanted this! I was just thinking today that by my 24th birthday I will have my braces off and my new smile and profile! Who knows what life will be like in a year and a half. 
Right now things are changing. I'm just trying to stay positive. 

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