Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things can get weirder. They will get weirder.

Eh kind of a shitty day.
Started off okay though. I went and got my teeth cleaned which was awesome because my dentist showed me all this stuff I can use to help keep my teeth clean and extra shinny while I am with braces. I have had issues with staining. Even though I brush at least twice day and am thorough, I seem to have to be working much harder to keep my teeth clean. Wise words from anyone?
Then later in the day I had my acting class which I was going to have to leave early for because of this audition I had downtown. Class was shitty. I was there for 2 whole hours before I was able to read anything for the teacher. My partner got there super late. The scene is great for me but not right for any guy in the class. She says she will have to bring someone in to read it with me. Greattt. I don't like things being unresolved. There's more drama but it probably wouldn't make sense, not knowing all the details.
Then on to my audition which I totally blew! Seriously, bad. But hey, gotta forgive myself right? Mistakes will be made. Not all auditions can be perfect. It's actually probably healthy to blow one every now and then. haha though, what am I saying?! *Sigh* Just trying to make myself feel better.

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