Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey How's it going....I can play a really good 12 year old!!!

The showcase class starts today! What a week. First I get sick, not fun, then I find out I have a matter of days to get my portfolio together to be ready for the showcase class. I got new headshots on Friday, me with my smiley brace face. In some of the pictures I look like I'm 12 haha. I'm excited though. This class will hopefully get me signed with an agency in town and I can start booking some jobs! I would love to build up my resume over the next year and a half since I have to be here for the jaw surgery, then I can make my move back to sunny California. Oh how I miss it. Or maybe I'll head to New York?! Who know's. I'm just excited to be doing SOMETHING! Still looking into a day job though.....

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