Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So my teeth are definitely moving now which is cool but my teeth feel loose. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm pretty sure I was able to wiggle a couple, not like a lot or anything, but that's how loose they seem! Maybe I'm just being paranoid but thought I would take to the blog and ask. Hope everyone is well!


  1. yep, that's pretty normal. I'd still ask the orthodontist though if you're concerned. Good luck!

  2. Definantly! That is a really weird feeling. I know because I asked the same thing. It felt like I could wiggle my teeth back-and-forth, but it will go away soon, and then it will come back when they tighten them. They become loose, move, and then stay put. That is what braces do, and why they work. :) Hope that helps.

  3. Just have to say that the loose tooth thing is freaking me out! I'm 47, in braces for the second time, and when a couple have felt loose it scared the crap out of me! too old for this...but you're right, it means they're moving, which they need to do.