Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Detox Starts Today!

Alright party people, today marks day 1 of detox. My surgery is in two months and I am going to be super healthy going into it. Any advice one certain foods I should be loading up on, or certain exercises you recommend? I hear that the better shape you are in going in, the faster your recovery is. I don't meet with my nutritionist until later this month, and would love to show her that I have this covered.
Also, what is brushing and flossing like after the surgery? I'm going to be wearing a splint, not sure for how long but I've been wondering how this will effect my dental hygiene. I go in for a cleaning this month so at least I'll be really clean going in.
And one more question. What was the one thing that happened post-op that you wish you had been more prepared for, or something you would have done differently maybe to help yourself get through it? I'm a little freaked out about possibly vomiting blood after surgery and about feeling like I can't breath.
Hope everyone is well~

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  1. Good for you! Personally, I went into surgery with the exact opposite attitude... "I won't be eating for 6 weeks, so YES, I will have a brownie!" Your way is probably healthier...
    For me, there were two absolutely essential tools, a baby toothbrush and a waterpik. http://www.waterpik.com/ I bought mine at bed bath and beyond and still use it. It just sprays water, like the tool they use at the dentist but a little less high powered, but it does an amazing job at knocking crap out of your teeth. The splint is going to get grody no matter what you do, but this helped so much.
    Feeling like I couldn't breathe was the worst for me... but there's nothing at all you can do about it. I guess you just have to remember that you are breathing, but it really doesn't make it any easier.
    Good luck getting prepared!!