Monday, December 6, 2010


Time is flying by....


  1. Hi Sarah! I have my surgery coming up and I was wondering how your recovery is coming along. Hope all is well!!!

  2. Recovery is coming along well. The only thing I am really struggling with at this point is my ROM. I still can't open my mouth that wide and have been working on stretching it out. I clench at night so maybe that's why I'm struggling with it. If you have any questions on what to expect let me know! The first month is the hardest but it only gets better. :)

  3. Thanks Sarah! I had my pre-opp appointment yesterday and started freaking out. I found out I have to wear the splint for 6 weeks! I know you did it for a little longer than that. How bad was it? Was it hard to talk and be social?

    Thanks again!