Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hooray for no Splint!

Seriously getting the splint off is the best most wonderful thing! It makes you feel like you are fully recovered; it's easier to eat now; I don't have to spend a half hour brushing my teeth. And I love just looking at my new bite. It's quite an emotional experience. I know it sounds silly but just hearing the clicking sound of my new perfect bite. It's awesome.

Things I'm still dealing with:

Swelling. Some days I'm puffier than other days. It gets better by the end of the day but then I go to sleep and It's like I'm starting all over again. I know it will take a few months for it to really fully and completely subside but I'm getting impatient! I want to see the full results, ya know?

I can't really chew...The way they did the surgery, since I had such a bad overbite they wanted to focus on making sure they brought my front teeth together, so my back teeth don't actually touch yet and it's kind of hard to chew with just your front teeth....especially since I've never been able to do that before!

I don't have full feeling back yet. My chin is still a little numb, as is my lower lip and around that area but it's not that bad and the nerves ARE waking up; it's just going to take some time. I can now feel cold/hot sensations on my chin, where as I couldn't before so yes all good things.

I still can put my lips together comfortably. I tried practicing by holding a poker chip but with the braces and all it's kind of hard. I'll keep working on it though!

Profile love :)

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I am so happy for you and you look fabulous! I can't wait until I can do the same will be so wierd to experience the front teeth touching!
    How did you do in the last storm that went through Texas? I was watching the news and thinking of you???
    Have a great day and enjoy you smile!