Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jaw Exercises

Does this look painful? Well it is. I went in for a check up today with my surgeon and told him how the right side of my jaw has been giving me no problem but that my left side still aches and I have spasms every now and then. He gave me this jaw stretching tool to help. He says I just need to stretch it out and then it will feel better. I hope so! Is it weird that only one side of my jaw is having problems? Literally the right side never gives me any problems.

Anywho, so that's something I will have to work on. He was going to see me back in 6 weeks but he decided to make it three. He says he wants me to be able to fit three fingers in my mouth! Wooza that sounds daunting but I will do my best to stretchhhhhh.

On another note, bad allergies right now here in Texas and they are attacking me hard. I had a trip to the ER last night because I had literally thrown up everything I had eaten that day. I thought I might have pnuemonia or something but apparently it's just really really bad allergies. I got myself a nelli pot, sudafed, claritin D, Musinex D, I went crazy at the drug store. I just want no more drainage! Is that too much to ask world?

I am going to the beach this weekend and this stupid cold or whatever it is isn't stopping me.

Hope you all are doing well. I'm exactly 8 weeks post-op today and its been one week without my splint! My bite hasn't shifted soooo so far so good.

Now I just gotta work on the stretching and get myself well.




  1. Hi Sarah!
    Yeah, that actually does look painful, but also very effective! Funny how during this whole process technology is so advance (medically wise), but the tool you are using in your picture is very low tech (but still just as effective)!
    Enjoy the beach this weekend!

  2. 3 fingers?!? WOW!! I'm jealous :) I have 2, and it's probably going to stay there. Yuck.

  3. AWESOME! It is crazy it feels like it was just the "morning of surgery" and look where we are now! :)