Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm le tired

Well I had the rubber bands put on Monday afternoon and here we are 3 days later. It's not as painful as it was the first day but they are still really tight. My muscles must really not like this whole me wanting a new bite thing. They're like "Hey! Watcha, trying to do?!"

I've been having headaches as a result; anyone else experience this? I haven't taken any of the hard stuff today because I was afraid that it was causing me to be too sleepy throughout the day, and I need to get back to work eventually! Well, no hard meds today and I've been more tired than ever! I've only been taking Tylenol and it does absolutely nothing for the pain. It just makes the headaches go away, which I admit, is nice, but argg pain. It's not the same kind of pain I had right after the surgery either. Right now it really is all about the bands. I guess they are doing their job but I do wish my muscles would hurry up and learn where this new bite is so I don't have to suffer anymore.

So yeah, the swelling is up because of the bands. Who knows why. I do hate feeling all puffy, but I went ahead and took some pictures anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you for your comments! It helps keep me going! And it is so comforting to know that there are people out there experiencing or have experienced what I am going through. If it weren't for y'all, I'd probably be calling my surgeon constantly heh :)


  1. I just had bands put on yesterday...THEY SUCK! Do your muscles ever cramp up and your jaw twitch? It happens to me ALL the time! So annoying. aaand the swelling.. I have it too especially since getting the bands...ugh. I haven't had headaches yet but I've only had the elastics for 24 hours...I'll keep you updated. Do you still have the splint? How much longer will you have it if you do? I hope your headaches go away and your jaw stops being so stubborn! :)

  2. I've had the splint in for 4 weeks and I'm not exactly sure how much longer I will need it. Hopefully only 2-4 more weeks but I see my surgeon on Monday so I'll know more then. My muscles cramp up all the time! I've been taking valium to try and help relax them. And yes the jaw twitching does happen from time to was mostly happening to me right after the surgery though. Sometimes I notice a little bit more pain on one side of my jaw but then it goes away. I also hope the headaches go away! Hopefully we wont have to be in these bands for too long!

  3. I am sorry girl! I know bands suck major! To answer your question yes I wore bands all the time except to eat. Now I only wear one on my right side though. They were annoying- but I mean they are doing good and helping my bite- I found I got headaches alot with my bands. Idk if that is normal- probably the pressure.

    hang in there girl!

    Love, Makay

  4. I did have a lot of headaches with bands - luckily not migraines, but headaches nonetheless. My surgeon put me back on a light muscle relaxer for a while after surgery to help with the muscle spasms and twitching that came along with the fighting jaw muscles vs. rubber bands - maybe call your surgeon if the headaches don't improve.

    Tired is also normal - aye, it was 3 months later that I finally felt like my energy levels were 'normal' for me - when I started teaching full time 8 weeks after surgery I had to take naps during my planning period and sometimes after school at my desk before I could drive home - it was intense. Slowly that will improve - remember, your body is still doing some crazy healing in there - and it really drains the energy. I did find that working out helped me feel better and have more energy (as long as it wasn't too hard/long.


  5. If you're having headaches and muscle cramps take higher doses of ibuprofen...tylenol does nothing for swelling but ibuprofen helps it to go down as well as getting rid of headaches. My surgeon had me on 1600 milligrams of ibuprofen a day (3 pills 4 times a day) shouldn't make you sleepy but helps with pain and swelling and muscle cramps. Hope you feel better! :)