Saturday, August 21, 2010

My favorite time of year!

Hath Green Chili time in Texas has begun! I love this time of year because every time I go to the grocery store it's hatch green chili this and hatch green chili that...hmm soo good! For dinner last night and this night I had the most amazing hatch green chili twiced baked potato. AND some hatch green chili soup. YUM.

I've lost 10 lbs since my surgery which really isn't that bad, but I'm finding it hard to gain it back. My appetite just isn't the same anymore. Also, eating is tedious so I tire of it pretty quickly.

Tonight I am going to a friends birthday party wohoo. I went to get her a gift card at Free People today and ended up doing a little shopping for myself. I LOVE that store.

I have some photos for today, although not much has changed. Ibuprofen does really help with swelling I think. So thanks Corey for the tip! :)


  1. WOWZER! Your profile is incredible! What a difference! I am so happy for you!

    Love, Makay

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I would agree with Makay, your profile is beautiful! Are Hath chili's hot? I love hot food, except for that habanero... My wife once bought some habanero mustard (I did not know how hot habanero was, and I love mustard a lot) so I took that delightful new mustard and spread it think my my sandwich and then took a big bite and nearly blew flames! It was so funny, and so painful all at the same time! Well enjoy your chili season!! Hope you continue to feel better too!

  3. Thanks guys! :)
    Brent, hatch chili's do have a kick to them but if I can handle it, I'm sure you can! Mostly it just gives whatever it's mixed with LOTS of flavor. Now I think no matter how old I get, my love for mac and cheese will live on.
    Here's what I suggest:
    Pick up a can of hatch green chilis from your local grocery store and mix them in with some good ole home cooked mac and cheese. Sooooo good. And if you're looking for a special treat, bake it in the oven with some bread crumbs on top. Double yum.
    If you give it a try be sure to tell me how you liked it!