Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Weeks Post Op

So I've had a really hard week. It is just so incredibly frustrating to eat and clean the splint. I've also been having a lot of problems with anxiety, and just feeling all around hyper emotional. I see my surgeon on Monday and I am soooo looking forward for an update. I can't wait to see how he thinks I'm progressing.

I tried to move back home last Tuesday. I thought I was ready to take care of myself, and my puppy! What was I thinking?! Well I'm glad I came to my senses. I am back at home, at least through the weekend. I am so thankful so my Mother. Seriously, what would I do without her? She has been there for me every second I've needed her and man have I needed her! Also I want to give a shout out to all my friends who have listened to me vent, and have been patient with me. Thank you thank you. I love you all.

Well, it's crazy, I don't really notice the swelling going down anymore because it's so gradual but it must still be going down because my profile looks better and better every day! I can't wait till all the swelling is down and when the splint comes out, hopefully I'll be able to put my lips together.

Numbness update: my cheeks are starting to come alive which is new. My chin is still completely numb but I'm hoping it comes back! My friend had this surgery and she said sometimes it can take up to a year for all feeling to come back so I'm hopeful. The right side of my nose is still numb which I find slightly odd, but hopefully that comes back as well! My lips are still a little numb but not's interesting.

Well, that's all for now. So happy it's almost the weekend! My brother graduates on Saturday woho! And meeting my boyfriend's family on Sunday went really well! I had to bring cream of wheat for dinner which everyone thought was pretty funny, but all and all good fun was had.

Here are some updated pictures :)


  1. Hi Sarah!
    You look just great! I am soooo sorry to hear abou the anxiety, I hope that goes away NOW! I really want to thank you for your comment on my blog...the part about going into surgery and saying "I got this" it really has helped me begin to get the prespective of the confidence I need to build!

    I kind of get a giggle out of the cream of wheat for dinner...I sure that was quite the conversation piece, but hey what is family for right?
    I hope you can relax, and calm your anxiety for the coming days, I will pray for that to go away!! (It all helps!)
    Cheers to you and your success!

  2. Your swelling is coming down quite nicely! :)

    Trust me it gets much much much better really soon. Just hang in there girl!

    Also my chin is and bottom lip is the numbest... so yeah I am with you on that. I am surprised how much feeling I already have back though. WOO WOO! :)

    Here is too hoping for a better week! :)

    Love, Makay